download.php?file=1764838&embedded=1&textbox=1764888  download.php?file=1764839&embedded=1&textbox=1764888


download.php?file=1764844&embedded=1&textbox=1764888  download.php?file=1764846&embedded=1&textbox=1764888

download.php?file=1764849&embedded=1&textbox=1764888 Apolo-he wears Laurel crown.

download.php?file=1764861&embedded=1&textbox=1764888 Athletes wear Olive crown.

Difference of their crowns
If someone is praised by art or culture, he is crowned made of laurel, because Apolo relates to art and culture.
lf someone is praised by as athlete, he is crowned made of olive, it is used from ancient Greek Olympic.

download.php?file=1789131&embedded=1&textbox=1764888 Laurel

download.php?file=1789134&embedded=1&textbox=1764888 Olive




Narcissus and Echo by John William Waterhouse

l like his story very much, because it is beautiful bad sad.
l probably think those positive(=beautiful) and negative(=sad) points 
fascinated me.
This is one of the my most favourite Narcissus painting. Fortunately, his narcissus wear a crown.

Some of artworks have narcissus wearing crown.

This painting was painted in ancient Rome, so l think Narcissus usually wears crown.


download.php?file=1789124&embedded=1&textbox=1789127 Luis Mariette Millinery

Hiding eyes with organic- like motif

download.php?file=1789141&embedded=1&textbox=1789127 pinerosolanno ''Geo''

Hiding eyes with inorganic- like motif

download.php?file=1789142&embedded=1&textbox=1789127 Schiaparelli at Couture Spring 2014 (Details)

Crown like leaves

download.php?file=1789149&embedded=1&textbox=1789127 Tanel Veenre

l think its motif is leaf.


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